Friday, November 30, 2007

Salvationum Christi

The opening prayer for the Mass on Thursday was one asking of God to accept the truth of His saving power for us in our lives. Too often do we not trust in God to be there to catch when we fall, fail, or forget to love. He is there not only for the good times but also the troubled ones as well. And we should always trust in Him to deliver us from evil, as we ask each time we say the Lord's Prayer. How often do we just gloss over that? I'll say it again: deliver us from evil, O merciful and blessed God.

The first reading from Thursday was the familiar story of Daniel and the lions' den. The powerful words of Daniel come to mind after he is spared by his God he had served so constantly—as the king said twice. Those words are so powerful:
“O king, live forever!
My God has sent his angel and closed the lions’ mouths
so that they have not hurt me.
For I have been found innocent before him;
neither to you have I done any harm, O king!” ~ Daniel 6:22-23

Furthermore with the saving power, Christ himself have words on this in how we should act when it is in our midst: "But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand" (Luke 21:28).

"Your redemption is at hand." Do not be afraid of what is to come for God does—and has done more than—just save us from lions or the other natural terrors, but also from the certain death we have apart from Him. Cling to Him. He is waiting and eternal life with Him is awaiting you.

May God bless you.

Thursday's readings:
First: Dn 6:12-28
Responsorial Psalm: Daniel 3:68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74
Gospel: Lk 21:20-28

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